Sunday, August 11, 2013


succumbed to the thought of a new knitting project. something simple, yet intricate, lovely.....engaging. i am so close to the end of 'right lines', the sample knit i'm doing for stone edge fibers. so close. and yet, it is a struggle to finish those last few inches.

when i started this, i needed the thoughtless repitition of garter stitch. something that was easy to take along and not have to think too much about. it really fit the bill, but now? now i need just a taste of something heavier, being cautious not to get sucked into something toooo involved. a quick knit. so when i read the yarn harlot's blog about her latest project, there it was.
i've never knit a washcloth, it's never even crossed my mind. i've been gifted with a dishcloth and it's my favorite one to use, but i've never considered making one. it didn't take long to get a ball of cotton yarn and cast on.

just a quick little something and then i'll be back to the garter stitch. i may even force myself to do two rows of wrap then treat myself to some dishcloth. the best part is that i needed a little something more for my sisters' birthday gift. i'm thinking this and a bar of handmade soap will be perfect!

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thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm toying with the washcloth thing myself... What am I thinking?!? In my spare time?!?