Saturday, August 31, 2013

fair day

the friday before labor day has become my traditional day to volunteer to demonstrate spinning at the NYS fair. i love it! linda, and her groups of helpers, have transformed the wool center into a wonderful spot to see all things related to wool.... dyeing, spinning, knitting, weaving, wood turning ( drop spindles ) and gather up information about events about wool.
folks wander through, stop and sit on the benches and ask questions as we get to spin away. i took three projects with me and completed two. for me that is an excellent record! i plied some singles that have been waiting for awhile now, and spun a sample skein for amythefibergoddess. i've fallen into the transportation job for some of her fibers, and i often take advantage offer to take it for a test spin.
this is some of her borderlester wool, dye in three colors.... bright green, turquoise blue and teal. i wasn't sure if the teal was going to knock my socks off until i got going.......
yes indeed, that is one stunning roving! she'll have a huge bag at the 2013 finger lakes fiber festival (i promise to deliver it ;) check out all the fiber fun at  click the festival link!

when my time was done, we wandered about the fair finding all my favorites. the butter sculpture, quarter milk, the sand sculpture....
that's supposed to be a sheep.... but looks a bit maniacal to me! and of course the dollar potato...
Yum! nothing says fair fun like that!

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