Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Still at it

i scheduled another 'dye-day' with amythefibergoddess and yesterday we played. i should clarify here that i consider it playing..... and i'm lucky to have someone to play with!
we started in her wool shed, looking at the yarn we had done last week.
wozza, are they beautiful!! the dyeing is only a fraction of the preparation. she sorts the yarn by content ( superwash merino, bfl, corriedale ) and by type ( sock, fingering, worsted ) and ...stay with me here...... then skeins by yardage for each. she decides what colorways are best suited for each and also considers what the knitter might be making with each type of yarn. confusing? you bet! Each skein is washed after dyeing, water is spun out and after it is dry, re skeined for sale. now add in what colorways to handpaint and the complementary colors......
usually i'm just standing there nodding adding in my moral support, but i'm starting to get the hang of it. there are so many variables to think about, the hardest is what the customer is going to want and like.
she had yarn soaking when i arrived and we got going. we had several interruptions, but made progress.
i still struggle seeing the end product as we are working. she has a fantastic sense of how the yarn will take the dye, how the colors will change as they are set.... i was bumming that my skeins were just not meeting the standard..... until we got to the end....

 that's why she is the fibergoddess and i'm still the hired help ;)

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