Thursday, August 29, 2013

different lines

i was craving garter stitch early this summer. mindless, practical garter stitch. i was frantically trying to finish sister's birthday shawl and dealing with a zillion things, i wanted simplicity.... beauty.... garter stitch.
color affection was all that, so i checked out the other patterns by veera valimaki and was captivated by different lines amythefibergoddess needed a sample for her yarn, so it was meant.
my love affair continued until the last 6 inches. it was painful to knit those rows. i'd knit, measure, knit, measure and never get far. i put it down, distracted by those face-clothes. suddenly i had to read a recommended book, week the hosta garden, rediscover bike riding.
then yesterday, i made it. six inches. i even added a few more rows, just to prove it.
i stuck with it, casting it all off at once.
it is wicked cool!!! unlike any other wrap i've done, it hugs your shoulders and just screams....
" i am not an old lady shawl "

sadly...... it leaves my hands and will be on display at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival on September 21&22 in Hemlock, NY. check out all the info at


r00tchick said...

I saw it! It was gorgeous!

r00tchick said...
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