Thursday, January 31, 2013

the deep blue

amythefibergoddess has been such a good sport. she took all my heavy hinting about the tempting bag of fiber in stride. while we were chatting this week (making arrangements for the drop-off) she was thinking out loud the pricing. we talked some more, and when i offered to be her first sale... she gave me the green light. i took four ounces and sadly delivered the bag, rushing to get mine on the wheel as soon as i got home.
it is exactly as vibrant as this photo shows. there are darker pieces of blue and hints of bright green and just what i needed to play with during these dreary days. so not my color, but it is just ringing  all the bells!!!
i've been reminded how much i love to spin this fluffy, puffy stuff. the colors shift just enough to keep me interested and literally spin themselves. i've almost finished the four ounces and have put in a request for more. i know this in going to go fast when other fiber folks see it ( and i want to be sure to get my share)
what will it be? not sure yet. perhaps a zippy pair of mittens (that would chase away the gray) or maybe boot socks, or ...... well, whatever it is, it will be bright!

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Diane said...

That was one of those bags that was mighty hard to let go of, that's for sure!