Thursday, January 10, 2013

need a new project

i've finished all the mittens. the miss-matched set is dear...
it came out just the way i imagined it. i'll be sure to get a pic of it on the happy birthday girl.
so with the end of the mittens, i had nothing on my needles. i kept looking about at patterns, trying to think of projects that i would need to have done this year, and maybe even a few that needed to be finished. i found my hitchhiker scarf that i started in 2011, dragged it out and took a look. i was almost done so there was no excuse. i started knitting and within a day i was casting off. the funny part was, that as i was finishing it last evening i was waiting at gymnastics. the gal next to me asked about my project and how long it would take to make it. i just sat for a moment, looking at my yarn deciding how best to answer. (i mean really, it is a simple garter stitch scarf.) so i simply explained that it was a simple knit that takes most knitters a short time to finish. the truth? oh yea, i just wasn't going to explain that i was unable to get it done in a timely manner because i have no logical, reasonable answer!
so, there i was this morning with nothing to knit and my newest spinning project whispering and winking at me. on i cast!
i still am flabbergasted that i spun the exact yarn from the illustration. it has a destination so i'll have to stay on course with this. then, the mail arrived with another yarn purchase and i started this....
now i don't usually like to have more than one project going at a time. but..... this is a simple garter stitch baby blanket that will be easy to transport and knit. my niece is expecting her first baby in july and this pattern ( cousins' mitre square baby blanket) just called my name. i chose commercial yarn that will be washable in my favorite colors. gender neutral, but still lovely. the yarn is a bamboo blend that is extremely soft and light weight, perfect for cooler evenings or snuggle time.
so no excuses... just lots of knitting!

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Diane said...

Hey now, you really do have to have multiple projects or at least suitable for travel and the other doesn't have to be suitable for travel.

Looking forward to seeing your projects in person!