Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the second time

i'm still knitting away on the baby blanket. i'm on the third row (there are a total of four) and it just rolls along.
over the weekend, an area yarn store had their 'super bowl' sale. i feel forced to go to make sure that i'm not missing something fabulous that should be living in my yarn stash. i wandered about the store, touching and pondering all the lovely products. when i reached the aisle with the acrylic/ blends i realized that this would be a perfect opportunity to choose colors/yarns for the next baby blanket that i need to make. it seems that july 2013 is a popular month for births! i knew that i wanted a different type of yarn (this bamboo is very splity and will catch on everything) that would be easy care. and soft. soft is the ruling factor in this decision. so i stumbled upon this.....
and knowing the grandmother, i hoped that bright peacock colors would be the way to go. i'm now quite anxious to get this started!
i did finish the ombre shawl.....
i couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. in fact, i barely had it on the blocker when i fell into my normal habit of casting on another!
the yarn is kauni effects left overs from a sweater i did several years ago. it will have the same blending colorways and i'm zipping right along on it. i may even do another one of these i enjoy the pattern that much!

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Diane said...

You've had some really appealing projects in your basket lately!