Friday, January 4, 2013

back in the habit

i'm finding myself quite busy with all my finished spinning projects. all of a sudden there were bobbins full that needed to be plied, yarn that needed to be washed and more waiting to be spun. it took me awhile to realize that i'm back into my spinning groove. usually after dinner, i sit and spin while the family clears the table and tidies the kitchen. for the last two months, i've been missing that routine. there were sets to make for the holiday ice show, evening commitments that the holiday season brings, and nice weather to still be able to walk the dogs. well that all ended around the 25th. so the wheels ( yes, i'm spinning on both- just not at the same time) have fiber on them.
i just finished spinning this lovely corriedale from 'into the whirled'. i have a pattern that i'm anxious to make and needed a specific yarn. after searching the web, the light bulb lit and i decided to make it myself. (really now, isn't that one of the reasons that i spin my own yarn???) it came out better that i anticipated.
i spun some lovely merino into a very fine single, and to keep the color intact decided to navajo ply. notice my spiffy basket? found this awesome basket maker at a festival and she custom made this to accommodate my bobbins. this was the first chance i've had to use it. so far, i'm extremely pleased.
the bobbin on the left is my single and on the right is the one that i've already plied. i planned on doing a two ply, but soon saw that it was not going to match up color-wise, so i three plied it. love the gently colors of this roving and i'm happy it's turning into such lovely yarn.

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Diane said...

Feels pretty good to get back to "normal" doesn't it? I'm back to spending part (or all, depending) of the day in the mill, which makes me happy. I've picked up stitches for the front band/collar on a sweater and am past the decreases on a 2nd sock. Once the socks are done, stash diving to commence to make mittens for the neighbors; luckily, they connect the mittens with winter, not Christmas!