Wednesday, December 26, 2012

holiday surprise

christmas eve found us enjoying some time with family in the afternoon, then returning to our home for our holiday tradition. walk the dogs enjoying the holiday lights and after dinner settling in to watch the polar express. i was plying away ( i can't just sit and watch a movie, there must always be fiber involved) and my partner tells me he's been reading my blog. really??? after all these years he's decided to read my blog? i sat there reviewing in my head all the things that i've posted recently and felt my heart sink when i remembered the wine bottle bags. i just made an off hand remark that i'd need to be careful what i post.
yikes! there no time to even consider doing anything else, (believe me i considered it) so i let it go. christmas morning presents were opened and there sat my little gift bag with the 'non-surprise' gift. i handed it to him to open, and commented that i learned my lesson about surprises. he opened the bag and found these.....
he was flabbergasted! it seems that he only reads the most current posting, so missed the entire wine bottle- palooza! surprise was accomplished for both of us.

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Diane said...

One year, I knitted an entire sweater, at the other end of the couch, for a Christmas gift for my husband. And yes, he was surprised.