Saturday, May 21, 2011

shepard's market

this morning as i was sitting at the end of my drive, waiting to be retrieved by amythefibergoddess, i realized that if all the doomsday predictions came true, it was a good life that i was leading. my family is together, safe, healthy and happy. i hold all my siblings close to my heart. my friends are true, self-less and loved. and i have fiber. lots of fiber.

the sun (which hasn't been seen in days) was shining on us as we made our way to the 4th annual market. i was thrilled to not have any agenda to attend to, just spin and be amy's minion!

all the fiber peeps were there... chatting & spinning.

joan purchased the most amazing pelt from nistock farms, long curly heavy creamed colored locks. simply fabulous. being an honest friend, i encouraged her to purchase the one that i loved the best..... and then decided i needed one exactly like it. they are one of a kind.

so, i placed my order with robin for possibly next year. we spent the entire day sitting with it draped over our two spinning stools and i was in tactile heaven!

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