Sunday, May 8, 2011

fiber fumes!

maryland was a blast! sadly, my travel companion has a back injury that mad the trip agony for her... but as a true fiber-addict she toughed it out (and had great drugs :)
the travel was wonderful, even when i got lost it was easily fixed (no thanks to gps.. just a good sense of direction)
the weather was sunny and comfortable, the crowds manageable and it was a fiber-fantastic time. we started in the barns, this gal is a merino from california whose fleece is delicious. these babies were winning in the show ring and also the fleece judging. next year i may just come home with the shirt off her back.

gayle's fiber art was my first and biggest hole. i left her a sizable financial donation for a ton of lovely fiber. her colorways are so beautiful and well dyed that once i got buying i was out of control.

and the fleece sale. yes, i did. a silver gray cormo mix is being split by joan and i. i'll post pics soon of all my finds, but for now..... happy mom's day!


Linda Monroe said...

Looks like you had a really fun time. Can't wait to see your creations from all these goodies. Happy mother's day.

Marmie said...

I so love MSWF! So wish I could have joined you. I won't even be at guild again this month - I'm at a meditation retreat!

Let me know if you can ever meet for coffee and talk.