Wednesday, May 4, 2011

because you may run out

trying to get everything settled in my head and home before i venture off to maryland for the sheep and wool festival. this will be my third visit and i'm still feeling like a (well, i want to say virgin... but that's a bad 80"s reference and would really date me) newcomer. i've been scouring the website and ravelry adding vendors to my list. i even sorted through some fiber to make sure i don't do a color repeat. this is the reason that i need an ipad, but that's a different post.
so here is my travel fiber. sandy and i are going alone, so there's plenty of room to tote wheels and it is a fiber festival and she is the first travel companion i 've ever had who not only suggested it, but insisted that we should! it's gonna be a great trip. as i was standing there debating if i needed more, my partner asked 'don't you buy this stuff there?' well, yeah. but it just makes complete sense to travel with 8 ounces of spinnable fiber. never mind that it would probably take me days to spin all that, but you never know. it's going! now to work on clothes.


jimthejanitor said...

I hope you both have a fabulous time! I so wish I was there with you - next year for sure!


Marmie said...

Apparently I am now posting as my husband, but it is just me!