Friday, June 10, 2011


ages ago, my dear sweet cousin asked me to make 'bridal shower cupcakes' i immediately agreed(wow, huge surprise there) and promptly forgot about them. life got full of stuff, as life will do, and i was certainly glad when she called to give me the flavors. chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting, the shower colors are purple and yellow. well, what to do? it seems that i have become way to invested in throwdown with bobbie flay. i refer to anyone who helps me as 'miriam and stephanie' and i have to analyze tiny details. not a good combination for someone with my already enhanced sense of compulsive isms!
so i researched cupcake baking, batters, tricks and hints finally deciding to stick with my tried-and-true recipe. i purchased white liners and tinted the frosting a delicate yellow, then accented them with purple hearts. i found sparkly purple card stock the i punched with a heart punch. i put them together on a silver twist tie the i cut in half.

how cute are they? 48 cupcakes and one special large cake with two hearts for the bride to be.

in fiber news.... i finally have the yarn for my sweater sleeves. now i just need to dig out the pattern and get knitting!

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Linda Monroe said...

Yum, these look delicious. I'm sure they were. I'm sure your cousin appreciated your efforts. Did everyone 'oh and ahh' over the hearts? I would. They add a special touch. Enjoy.