Tuesday, May 17, 2011


every time i looked at my ravelry page, i felt like a big slacker. no new projects started, still working on the arm-less sweater. it was depressing.
the reason was that all of my knitting focus was on the handcovering exchange. last fall, the guild started a handcovering exchange of fiber. it was to be kept top-secret so the recipient did not know who was working on their fiber. really, i couldn't even remember the fiber that i put in or who had my name and i was the facilitator of the project. but anyway, i acquired a bag of baby alpaca in a light brown. spun it very fine, in fact it was some of the nicest spinning i've done. then the pattern. knowing who would be wearing these mitts, i wanted them to be perfect. i checked out her ravelry page, watched what she had on her hands during the winter months, and found the pattern. the only pattern that would do.
this was about the time i wrecked my elbow, so the parts all sat together in my project bag waiting. i started knitting about mid-april knowing that i could just whip these babies up. well, i ended up knitting them six- s i x- times. the first was finished, and i was cruising on the second when i realized that i was going to run out of yarn. i ripped back to the beginning, removed some rows and reknit. i still was not going to have enough, so i ripped again and shortened the cuff. well, it seemed better so i ripped out the first and reknit it. as i was finishing the second mitt, i was literally felting pieces of yarn together to complete them. i wove in the last ends at 9:00 pm the night before the exchange. the next morning i learned that my recipient wasn't going to be there.
but the mittens are done!

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Linda Monroe said...

Congratulations on completing your project. These look lovely and I'm sure they look even nicer in person. Hope you are all doing well. We are looking forward to summer.