Tuesday, December 7, 2010


winter has arrived here. lots of white fluffy stuff falling, lots of shoveling and now that we have a snow blower, well... a new snow moving toy.

as i got wrapped up yesterday in the dark, early hours, i reached for a hat. searched my cubby, no hat. i had to snatch one from another cubby. when i came back in, i went through the closet only to discover that i had no hat. no. hat. me, who always has some knitted project going has never made herself a hat. i decided to use handspun and this is gayle's art in the crayon box colorway. i spun it this summer after msw, and i love it. it is equally lovely to knit with.
i finished the adult jest hat for my honey. he has yet to make good on his promise to wear it, but here it is. this is such fun to make, that i might just do a few more! now i just need heads to put them on....

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