Sunday, December 19, 2010


as if the holiday's weren't crazy enough, i make gingerbread houses. not the kind from the store sold in packs, but the real deal. i make the gingerbread from scratch ( betty crocker recipe is the best ) then i make each piece from a template i created. i can make 5 complete houses from a batch of dough.
then i assemble each house onto a cake board using homemade royal icing.
then the rest of the herd gets in on the action. i purchase lots of candy ( the good kind, m&m's, kisses, bells ) and we go to town making them up! delivery will be this week. each house is completely edible and the longer it lasts the more it tastes like a ginger snap. great with tea and just too much fun!

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Linda Monroe said...

Wow - these are very impressive. I had no idea you cranked out 5 of these babies. Very nice - and from scratch no less. I can never get my walls to be straight. They are always crooked. Plus the icing is never the right consistency for me, either too sloppy or too stiff. These look so yummy. I'm sure the recipients will love them. Hope you have a great pre-christmas week. Enjoy the beauty and joy the season brings.