Sunday, December 12, 2010


i finished it! this was such a fun project, (here i go...) i'd love to do another! the steeking went extremely well. i chose to follow the pattern, (surprise) so i stitched in the button-bands first, the cut the center. i was once given great advice for steeking, add lots of stitches. i had 10 in the center, so when i was all done, i was able to trim off the excess.

i put the buttons in place and ran out the door to the guild meeting. such a great place to wear hand crafted goods! it was oohed and ahhed over, touched and admired. i was extremely relived that it fit (not that i didn't have plenty of takers if it hadn't) the only change i might make was to have it shorter. i'm not a real over-the-hip sweater person, but this one works. yeah!!

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Linda Monroe said...

Wow - very impressive. I wish I could oh and ah over it in person. I'm sure it's wonderful to touch and see up close. It's so fun to stay in touch via our blogs. thanks for your kind comments today. Lucky for me, only you and Lin look at my blog so I'm able to post about other gifts freely. You both get the preview!!! p.s. loved the christmas card. I worked on mine today and hope to get some in the mail this week!