Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a close one

yesterday i pulled out the cardigan to finish it. i started attaching the button bands, but had to stop mid-project to go to work. i left it on the kitchen counter to finish. well, when i arrived home late last night, i found my sweater on the floor, the yarn in tangles and two canines looking very guilty. i quickly scooped it up checking frantically for any tears, rips, chew spots. all seemed well, but i was less than pleased.
this morning i decided to get this done and give it a thorough look to make sure it had not been damaged. amazingly there was not a stitch out of place, but this is the one needle that was left. it has been gnawed on and it's two mates are missing.
so, lesson learned... never, ever leave knitting attached to wooden needles in the puppies reach!
i'm on to finish this.

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