Monday, November 29, 2010

still at it

i'm still chugging away on the sweater. i've actually finished all the truly hard, complicated stuff.... i just need to do the button bands. i was undecided how to approach them. the directions have you make separate bands, then attach them to the steeked edges. as much as i didn't want to go this route, you then pick up the remaining yoke stitches to finish. now, i could rework the pattern. do i really need to? so here is one completed band with the button-holes marked. i'll whip up another then cut this sucker.
since i needed a finger friendly knit that was portable, i started making jester hats. they are just like potato chips and i can't stop. the green one went to my 3 year old nephew (well, he's really a great nephew but that makes me sound like an old-lady-knitter) the second is for my honey. he assures me that he will wear it shoveling the drive. i'll get pics!

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