Sunday, December 26, 2010

holiday knitting

yes, i know christmas was yesterday. thankfully my family does not celebrate until into the new year. with all the family and their families, it's easier and less chaotic to pick a weekend in january to claim as ours. we ladies draw names and present the lucky recipient with a hand-crafted gift. the caveat is that your hands don't have to craft it, just that someone does.

i've still had a bee in my bonnet to do another fair-isle project, so i chose to make spotted fair isle mittens from the '60 quick knits book'. i'm using stone edge fibers handpaint and black classic wool by patons. i'm having issues (of course, no project can be easy) with the copied chart. it was all the same muddy color. sooooo, i copied it on graph paper (which was a tedious task) and now i knit on!

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Linda Monroe said...

This fiber looks gorgeous. Hope those mittens turn out nicely. I'm sure they will.