Saturday, April 10, 2010

remeadial knitting

some times, you just need to go back to basics. i can't really say the beginning as my 'formal' knitting instruction was, well..... i didn't get any. i was fortunate to be mentored on several projects and whenever i found something (or got lead into something) i usually just jumped.

which brings me to the february lady sweater. i wasn't enchanted when i read about this project. couldn't see it working into my wardrobe or taste. however, when i saw it in person that changed. i asked several different wearers what they had on, and each time they told me i was in disbelief. how could this look so good on so many body types? well, i had a batch of handspun sitting around that was just enough yardage to complete the sweater. on i cast and i was rather industrious with it until i started to run into trouble. i kept gaining stitched, every row, no matter what i did. i would rip back, i would just knit a couple together, i stewed and smoldered, finally i was done. done. ready to chuck the entire mess. i didn't.
in the sunny light of day, i pulled the needles out of 154 stitches of wool/mohair blend and ripped, ripped, ripped back. i then counted out the gull-lace pattern and put markers in each section (that would be twenty) and knit a row. my hope is that with all those markers in place, i will not get lost. that's the plan and i'm sticking to it.
in other knitting, here is the gator bag. fabulous kit that just arrived from morehouse merinos. i've completed the head and now furiously working on the lining. this will be a felted bag and i can't wait to see how the recipient looks with it!

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