Monday, April 12, 2010

it's best to read to the end

when i got this pattern i was captivated with how easy it looked. chunky yarn, held together, big needles, no sweat! well, i've been doing a lot of sweating. remember how challenged i was just getting the fronts done? then the seaming, while not taxing was time consuming. my hands ached from those 'big needles' and i just wanted this done. the weather turned hot (not warm, but hot.... remember.... chunky yarn? two strands?) then i couldn't find a size L crochet hook. got a K instead. saw size of yarn. kept shopping for the L. found the L.... it's ginormous! you could seriously do damage with this hook. so, back to the K. and here i was this morning.

i searched crochet instructions online, and yes, i was actually doing it correctly. but it was tedious. seriously. so i left it on the counter and every time i walked past, i'd do a bit more until finally, this
done. done. done! i chose not to put in buttonholes (see above, couldn't tell left front from right front) and added an extra button (sold in packs of two.... what would i do with another toggle button?)
hopefully i'll get some wear in before the temperatures rise again!

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