Sunday, April 25, 2010

once in a blue moon

with my various knitting projects underway, and many more flitting through my brain, i pulled out my 'once in a blue moon jaywalkers'. i took the challenge on december 31st (the blue moon) to cast on a project to be completed by the next blue moon. i made it. in fact, i'm so far ahead of schedule, it's scary. i love this yarn. i don't think i truly appreciate it until i knit something else or put on a pair i've made with other yarn.

i wanted to have a sock project for my upcoming travels and knew that this was almost done, so i should finish it before i forgot the pattern. jaywalker is a free download from ravelry and i love it. the handpainted yarn striped in pretty ways, and the memorization of the pattern was painless. so in my true fashion i cast on another pair. i decided i needed to go back into the stash a bit, so i chose paca-peds that i got in maryland three years ago. right away i could see why i love the blue moon yarn. i might need to get some more, maybe in a lighter weight.

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