Monday, April 5, 2010


it is not always easy, especially in fibery terms. i have had a bee in my bonnet ever since i first saw the dream in color ~ rocketry baby sweater. the yarn harlot did both the rocketry (boy) and tulip (girl) versions and i wanted, no, needed to do them! i kept looking at the patterns, realizing that the financial investment in the yarn was, well, not in my budget. so i waited. and waited.
then there was the family announcement of an impending arrival. again i waited...... i'll admit wishing for a girl (how sweet would that tulip be)

well, it was a little laddie. so now there are three small boys and no excuse not to make the sweaters. so when the dream-in-color classy went on sale at 'the dizzy sheep'... i was all over it. here are the colors that i chose. a nice variety of colors similar to those pictured, but with my own unique tweak. i plan on combining the two patterns (of course i need to make it a challenge) and need to make size decisions. just in time, my needles are bare!

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