Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter

the bunny was here early this morning....hopping about the back yard depositing eggs filled with yummies. when the egg gatherers headed out with baskets in hand, daddy bunny spotted this rogue egg. knowing that it was not in its original spot, he went to investigate. it would appear that we had other creatures joining in our egg hunt. the contents were intact, but this egg was toast!!
the days here have been summer-like which has made my early spring knitting seem silly. i was able to finish the jester hat while doing some surgical waiting time. where else can you get four uninterrupted hours of knitting?
this yarn is stellar! morehouse merio 3 strand varigated, it's beyond soft, and works up beautifully. my only concern was that the hank was short. the directions told me i could complete the hat with one hank, and i ran short with one tip to go. luckily i had a coordinating color, so it made a great design element. fits perfectly and will be great when that snow flies again.

i decided i needed to get swatching when amythefibergoddess informed me she was working on my fair-isle yarn. the color striations in this yarn are fabulous. i'm aiming for wearable completion in autumn. you know i love a deadline!

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