Wednesday, April 21, 2010

lamb love

sunday morning, amythefibergoddess phoned with the big news...... bertha was in labor! soon a sweet little ewe lamb arrived. tansey.

last week when i visited, we both commented that bertha was ginormous and her udder was bulging, a definite sign of twins. well, there was a second little lamb. several hours after tansey's arrival, amythemidwife had to manually assist to deliver tarragon, a ram lamb weighing in at a hefty 12 pounds. bertha will have nothing to do with him. it seems that when a significant space of time passes, first time moms can forget that they are having the baby and see the next as an interloper. so, tarragon is getting human love and has become a bottle baby. such a darling!

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Linda Monroe said...

What a cute little guy. Glad to hear someone's taking care of him.