Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 olympics

i've been following the yarn harlot's musings regarding the winter olympics. at the last winter games, she set forth a challenge to all fiber enthusiast's, to complete a project that is a challenge to you starting with the lighting of the flame to be completed when the flame is extinguished. i was a newbie knitter with absolutely no clue that there were things beyond my scope. i remember participating, but can't find any record of what i did. it was pre-blogger/ravelry, so i thumbed through an old knitting journal. found lots of interesting stuff, but not what my olympiad feat was. i do know that my participation in those games catapulted me into my first fair-isle project with jessica and ann. we did a lopi sweater and that i do have posted on ravelry. i was done in under a month, finishing just as the weather became balmy. i pulled that sweater out to wear today as i pick up the torch again.
i love participating in the harlot's olympics for a number of reasons, and this time i did register (so i'll have a record of my feat) i chose to do the leftovers vest that was in knitty2004. i've long admired this and wanted to do it, but never moved it onto the needles. part of my dilema was a lack of matching 'leftover' yarn. so i am using brooks farm solo that i purchased on my first visit to rhinebeck in 2007. i and clearly remember standing in the booth with jessica (it was such a tight fit that cc refused to even try to get to us) debating all the pros and cons to the yarn. at that time my yarn purchasing was always done with a project/pattern in mind. thankfully, jessica soon shoved me out of that mindset (and i've got several stash items to prove it) this yarn was just waiting for a momentous occasion, so here it is..... my olympic challenge.
let the games begin

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