Thursday, February 11, 2010


i just can't seem to get enough of this pattern! i know, i know.... i'm so like that. when it tickles me, i seem to do a gizzilion of them. i wanted to gift it to a gal i work with. she has been there for decades and made my first few years easier. consistently pleasant and kind, she always asks about me and my family with sincere interest. the other day she noticed a sweater i was wearing. as she oohed and aahed she wondered if it was hand made. my reply was yes and by my hands. she was captivated that anyone could take yarn and work it into a garment. with that response, i knew that she needed something from my hands. voila.... clemence.
the yarn is jo sharp aran tweed. initially i was concerned the the tweed would be too busy with the pattern, but it works great. as much as i need to cast on another, i'm afraid that my time will be absorbed by my latest adventure!

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