Saturday, February 6, 2010

keeping necks warm

i'm afraid that obsession has reared her ugly head. i can't seem to stop searching, downloading, stash diving, spinning, knitting..... neck warmers! immediately after emptying my needles with the wool/alpaca, i cast this on..
it was a free download from ravelry, the clemence. i love the swirls, the lace, the.... well, everything. i had some left over malabrigo worsted in the colorway vetiver. wasn't sure if it was enough, but i had plenty. it literally took me two evenings to make. the idea was that it would help me decide what pattern i needed to use for the gator exchange, the result was that i just want to make more! i'm trudging my way through the lupine. it really seems like a struggle because i can only have it out when the recipient is not around. lately it seems like he is always popping into whatever room i'm in! hope to finish it tonight so that i can cast on..... another clemence!

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