Monday, February 22, 2010

olympic update #2

the back is completed and i'm working on the right front.

the hand-painted yarn is producing some interesting striping. i knew it would. not sure if i love it yet, but i knew that going into the project. i've carted this with me everywhere and while there have been times that i got just a few rows in, i'm thrilled to be where i'm at. birthday party friday night = knitting, out to dinner saturday night with the gals, = knitting. i must say, everyone just takes it in stride and i'm becoming immune to their mocking. i remind them that they benefit from my addiction, so that quiets them right down!
last evening we had a family movie night. as i have been gone alot (for me) this was a chance to spend some time together. i must admit, that i usually last only part-way through movie nights. i get distracted by all those things that i could/should be doing instead of sitting there. i decided that i'd finish up the spinning that i started, so down we all sat to watch 'up'. this was the most charming movie that i've ever seen! it went straight to the top of my favorite movie list, disney/pixar outdid themselves. if you have a chance, watch it. we will be adding it to our collection.
back to knitting!

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