Tuesday, January 19, 2010

suri - ho

i'm getting quite adept at spinning/plying that alpaca blend. got 4 ounces done in less that a week. it's soft, lofty and i hope good practice for doing those 'full' singles.

two little balls. one is going to live with cc as a barter for a pashmina scarf that she needed to re-gift after christmas. now i know that usually regifting is just that..... but how could i let cc be without a gift? i could not! the knitting is up to her, but she'll have fabulous yarn to use.

it's amazing how different light give it a different color. this is the second attempt at mine. it was about 2 inches long when the recipient informed me that he didn't mean 'exactly like' the one i did before, he meant 'like the pattern was written, before i suggested that you alter it and then proclaimed that it fit me perfectly'. bitter? me? so now we are rolling along. again.

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