Friday, January 1, 2010


whenever you start down the gift giving path, you run risk of injury. it can be bruised feelings, sore hands, head explosions..... the list is endless. this year i was truly limiting myself so that i could avoid any chance of incurring such wrath.
didn't work.i had inquired about crafting a neckwarmer for cc's honey. he is the toughest dude to gift, but i struck platinum last year with his ear-flap hat and wanted to repeat my success. 'no' was cc's reply, 'he just doesn't want one'. so we went with plan b- itunes and wine.
last week, cc tells me that several comments were made about the neckwarmers that she was knitting and that 'dan wants one'. of course i can't just knit one, i have to make the yarn first. duh! spun that fiber, cast on the dark-side cowl and done. turn around = 4 part? he really seems to like it! worst part? i now have request for more.

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