Friday, January 22, 2010

my merino!

the december meeting of the guild is the holiday fiber exchange. it's simple... bring in 8 ounces of creatively wrapped fiber and you'll be 'gifted' with the same. i was very excited to get 9 ounces of sandy long's fiber. well..... that excitement was destined not to last. sandy immediately told be all the reasons that she had put that particular bump in the exchange. it is a merino/ wool blend that she had left and she didn't really like it. not that is wasn't fine fiber.... (hmmmmm) just not to her liking. seems that merino is not a fiber that speaks to her. i took it in stride and happily took my gift home placing it prominently under the tree until the wheel was empty.

i divided it into 2.3 ounces and spun the singles with alot of twist. i'm not usually a teal person, but looks at how it just accents the color! when they were all on bobbins, i started plying. again i put some twist into it looking for a firm yarn. i had it with me at the last meeting and like a proud momma i'm showing it off to sandy and amythefibergoddess. each of them continued to dash my moment in the sun. like big fat rain clouds i heard 'there's no luster, no sheen' or 'i never liked merino, too dull'

i remained undaunted and was rewarded with this!


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Marmie said...

Stunning indeed! You are so incredibly productive - I feel completely lazy in comparision.