Tuesday, January 5, 2010


last year, i fell in love with kits! everything together that you need, complete with absolutely no thinking required! i have had lots of success with projects from morehouse merinos. i did the gator scarf, and several hat/scarf combos from her book. so when i saw this wormy apple scarf i knew that i must do it and for whom it would be done. my niece is an elementary school (early grades) teacher. she loves themes. she live literally in an apple orchard. need i say more?
so i cast this critter on, eons ago. when i turned the calendar, it seems that her birthday is fast approaching. funny how they come every 365 days and i'm still surprised.
it was done except for the head. i finished it last night and stitched on the eyes in the light of day today. how sweet is this?
i may just need to order another kit! i'm contemplating the gator bag.hmmmmmm.

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