Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it's not scratchy

life is back to it's insane state this week, so i was happy to have completed the gator for my honey. it's the alpaca/wool blend that i got all spun up, knit exactly to his specifications.....the real ones! i finished it just in time for the weather change, from the balmy 50 on monday to the brisk 29 today. it fits superbly and will be worn (if he knows what's good for him) daily.
i almost saved it for valentine's day, but i'm hoping that my current spinning project (the lovely lupine) will work for that.
the pattern is the 'dark side cowl' available for free on ravelry. love it.

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Linda Monroe said...

This looks really nice and cozy and warm and lovely as well. We too have a big freeze going on today. Tank did not want to go outside to go potty this morning. I had to coax him. some days it's very good to be human and have indoor plumbing. Today with the windchill is one of those days.