Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fiber fight

the mail arrived containing this bit of loveliness. mountain colors, targhee top in lupine. i've been hankering to spin this for quite some time. one of the downfalls, ummmm... benefits of being connected to other fiber freaks, ummmm enthusiasts, is that you hear about all sorts of stuff. cool hand painted fiber is some of that stuff. when i took it out of the package, there was a moment of silence, then all those around me felt that they deserved the yarn that this would become. my partner held it up to illustrated the neck warmer that could be crafted. eldest spawn thought that mittens would be fabulous. i just stood there in awe. this is the family that mocks my fiber? that bemoans that fact 'that it's everywhere'? shows disdain when i mention that we all could enjoy a fibery outing? hmmmmm, i'll have to ponder this a bit.

the socks are rockin! i'm zipping along on the foot. can't wait to were these beauties!

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