Monday, December 14, 2009

sticks and stone

while i was spinning away at the guild meeting (my favorite day of the month), it would seem i was commenting rather viciously about the fiber i was spinning. it was nasty, full of noils, just terrible! amythefibergoddess finally looked up and with a sincere tone, informed me ' you're a fiber snob'
i couldn't have been more complimented. having only been spinning three years, i was thrilled to hear that i could actually possess the ability to be discriminating. what i'm spinning is crap! and i know the difference!

it is very pretty fiber, in batt form, that i had purchased shortly after i started spinning. it was sitting in my stash all five ounces of it, so when i needed to spin something quickly to ply on the new woolee winder (tomorrows post) i grabbed it. i was attracted to the colors and obviously did not know what to look for in fiber prep. so as i'm spinning away, i realize this is not what i've become accustomed to. i'm doing lots of drafting and picking and b%&*^ing about it. i decided to throw all attempts at 'good spinning' out the window and just go. that has been liberating too! i don't need this to look good, even or special.

now it's becoming fun. and yes, i'm a fiber snob!

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