Monday, December 21, 2009

honey, do you think you can....

knit me a scarf? for a holiday gift? that i need tomorrow?good thing i saved all that fluffy novelty yarn. every year i'm so tempted to send it off to auction (or the trash) but something stops me. this must be why. i dug out the #17 needles, cast on and away i went. it was ponderous! i never thought i'd get this done. the needles were huge, making my arms and hands contort weird ways. remember when this was the type of knitting for fun? i started twirling yarn at the beginning of the craze (hence the leftovers in the stash) and i would make zillions of these, thinking that it was the best time.

it's a charming scarf and will look lovely on the recipient. and the stash is nearly depleted. so, when i'm out yarn-crawling i'll need to restock for that snowy day!

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