Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the long version

so, back in the fall i was gifted with a woolee winder. it has been a niggling desire to add it to my collection and those in my family chose to meet the desire. i eagerly unwrapped it, slid on the bobbin and the flyer would not attach. no way, no how. so after calling the maker, i returned it to have the threads 'stretched'. when it returned, again i eagerly (but with some trepidation) sat at my wheel. would not attach. thinking that this had to just be a defect, i tried it on another wheel, just like mine. it slid on like perfection! now the story gets interesting. my calls to the maker have not been returned. at all.
i pondered my dilemma, and decided to try another route. a phone call to woodland woolworks to find out about replacement parts had the gal offering me a 'used' head at a very reasonable price. it arrived two days later, and was in excellent condition. so, out came the owners manual and with minimal fuss on went the 'new' part. this time there was no eagerness as i attempted to attach the flyer..... we held our breath...... it fit!

so this leads up to why i was spinning crappy fiber. i wanted the woolee winder to ply with and i needed fiber to ply. i sat down last evening and it was the smoothest process ever. i love it! my only complaint is that it only holds about 2 1/2 ounces of fiber. i'll live with it!

so here is the end product.... can't wait to spin more.

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