Wednesday, December 23, 2009

fiber break

part of our holiday fun is gingerbread houses. i can't remember the year i started creating these (more than 12) and i've got it perfected. i make my own gingerbread, have the templates at the right sizes, use cake boards from wilton and my own frosting recipe. we buy lots of candy for decorating and, well here they are.
i do five each year, three of which go to the same recipients. the other two are gifted to folks that have wandered through our lives. new friends, a thank-you for an act of kindness, or just a way to say hello. this year all of the elves in my home decided that they needed to help. it is a statement to my constitution that i made it through the process!
we are off to deliver them today, and i'll be dragging along the last 'fun-fiber' scarf that needs to be completed. i'm planning on having those slippers ready to felt.

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