Wednesday, December 30, 2009

holiday knitting

well, as fate would have it ... i am doing some holiday knitting. and being me it can't be just holiday knitting, but spinning too.
it all started with cc. her honey requested a neck warmer for the holiday. knowing that i'm always looking for a gift to bestow on him ( and she had already knit..... nine) she sent the request my way.
so i went through my yarn. nothing that suited the project or recipient was found. now, i'm reluctant to share that info with my partner ( there's so much yarn here, you could open a shop), so i went through my fiber stash. what should jump out but some delightful alpaca/ border leister blend that amythefibergoddess had gifted me with. i divided it into two - 2ounce balls and spun it with my wooleewinder.
it was awesome!! i went thick and lofty, limiting the amount of twist so that it would stay soft. i took the fiber off the bobbin ( bummer, i only have ONE) with my ball winder, then plied them again with my wooleewinder. i love it! i thought that my yarn was much more consistent and i had a blast just spinning away.
cast on the darkside cowl adding and additional 8 stitches to accommodate a man-sized will be ready to gift on friday when we celebrate with them. oh and my honey? thinks he wants one too!

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