Sunday, November 2, 2008

fibers, stitches, beads & buttons

amy ~the fiber goddess~ asked me awhile ago if i would come play with her at a new show. my answer was yes (of course!) i have a new and much deeper appreciation for all that she puts into her passion.
we left early to get the booth area set up. her booth.....
(yes that is me spinning in the corner:)
amazingly lovely as always! she had roving, hand-dyed yarns, needle-felting supplies... and oh so much more. there were several vendors that attend the larger fiber festivals there are well. the fly in the ointment was all the 'crafty' booths that were set up in the main traffic area. the results were mixed because of that. i think amy did well in terms of sales, but it is alot of effort to prep and set up the space. i had a blast! and the absolute best part??
spending the day with the herd!!!

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