Saturday, November 15, 2008

the saturday of the month

that is the guild meeting. this month held at camp Stella maris on conesus lake. we arrived in rain, but that didn't dampen our spirits! this is the best day of the month.....

a day to spin, talk fiber, spin, meet new fiber fiends, oops friends, spin.... you see where this is going. cc joined me for the day and she made excellent (even i was shocked) progress on her projects.

joan learned how to arapaho ply. (it's really just navajo plying, but well, joan needed it to be special). she picked it right up! i was giddy that i could actually translate this recently acquired skill into directions that were understandable.
some flashy new fiber found it's way into my bag. i have little will power for some smooth, silky hank!

this is kendell. my new love.

until i can get the real deal!

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