Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i finished the first birthday hat and mitts. i used the yarn harlots' basic hat pattern, doing a 2x2 rib for a comfy fit around the face. the consensus was that it needed 'something' so child#1 made the pompom. i love it! it will be super easy to find in a dark closet, inside the coat sleeve, on the car floor.... all those places hats land.

grandneenee requested a cord for the mitts. so i attached one, i think i estimated long, so the mom will have plenty to work with.
i await her feedback on the mitts. i checked lots of sites and read one mom's blog who doubles the yarn in all her mitts, ie: she holds two strand together. she asserts that this makes them extra warm and water-resistant.

the bags...... for a gift-giving friend. he does not realize that i would not have done this project for anyone else, especially this close to the gift giving season. they are knitted and ready to be felted.

what can i say.... i am weak!

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