Saturday, November 8, 2008

yarn tasting

last evening was the yarnalicious evening at spiritwork knits. amy the fiber goddess and i gathered up ccknits and made our way to the festivities. the shop was jam packed with other fiber enthusiasts, so it was delightful to rekindle with those folks that i don't often get to see.

we had lots of tough choices at the mauch chunky display. clogs to knit...
bags to felt.... yarn just hankering to be added to the stash.

i recently have had several stash happiness experiences (needed yarn quick and there is was.. in the stash!) so i felt empowered to add more.

my latest knit addiction... er project has been the abrazo vest (winter knitty) so as i turned from the kraemer display, i spotted this cheery red cascade bulky screaming to be taken home and knit into the vest.

i have just casted it on.....

while we were enjoying our wine, we got chatting about the most important things in our favorite (or not so favorite) yarn haunts. the online thing is awesome, but lacks the tactile piece that is oh so important to the experience. having a place that is inviting, welcoming is critical. people that want you there to look, feel, shop.

our evening was all that and more!

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