Wednesday, November 19, 2008

project planning

i've had so many creative projects floating around in my mind, feeling the excitement of each of them. new yarns, fiber, sweaters, hats, mitts....oh my!

then this came...
now i'm hearing words like...'tree trimming' 'let's put up the lights' 'what kind of cookies are you making' 'gingerbread houses' 'what are we getting the kids'
and panic, those first palpitations, started to arrive. my heart started to beat faster, the lists were forming in my mind, where are those lights?? i don't even do the lights!
so i gathered my wooly projects together
and tried to make a plan. three felted bags...check. one is knitted, one almost knitted, no yarn yet for the third. hmmm... yarn shop trip! hat and mittens for a one year old.....need to come up with a pattern, damn, need to gauge swatch. yarn made for adult to find the pattern. and just look at that tide pool....
think i'll cast on for another vest!

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