Tuesday, October 7, 2008

time away

we celebrated our wedded bliss with a short get away to acadia national park in maine. we stayed in bar harbor enjoying three days of hiking, biking, exploring, shopping...... having fun.

we visited the top of cadillac mountain marveling at the pink granite and breath taking vistas. that's the bay of maine in the background.
and with an 11 hour car ride... i was in knitting euphoria! i was able to negotiate a quick stop at webs on the way there, so armed with fresh yarn i got going. i made the abrazo vest from the fall knitty. i still need to do some tweaking (fit issues when i put it on) but it was a great car project.
i finally finished the ribby vest all in one color.

it's awesome! so glad i re knit it to be one color tone.

and with any trip there is waiting time, so i started the morning surf scarf with my berkshire autumn handspun. i ended up on a 5mm needle with 36 stitches.

finished in albany on the way home. i'll get it blocked and put the picks up. it was a very fast, fun knit. easy to remember the pattern once i got rolling. i'm thinking of doing another in shawl width/length.

and finally my kauni sweater. i knit, ripped, re knit and i'm finishing the first sleeve...and since i'm in the rhythm i'm going to keep at it!

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