Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bet you can't knit just one

so, i was reading another blog and found that the author/knitter suffers from the malady of knitting in multiples. she gets a project and stays with it, making so many she has documented her life in phases...'felted bag phase' 'fingerless mitts phase' 'neck warmer phase'.
i was delighted (and slightly relieved) to see that someone else has the same problem, ummmm addiction.... ummmm skill! my partner often asks 'aren't you done with that yet?' not realizing that i'm on my second (or third, or fourth)
usually, my sister benefits from this compulsion, ummmm skill. i make a vest, make another for her. mitts are cute, make another for her.... you get my drift.
at rhinebeck i was captivated by this kit... keychain sock blocker sock by knitcellaneous. (add a www and you've got them) and was delighted to find it in my pile of bd goodies. immediately i cast on.......

how cute are they!

here's some perspective for size. i'm scampering through left over sock yarn like crazy.

guess what will be on my tree this year!

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jacknits said...

cute they are! have you made more than 50 yet? they must be addictive!