Thursday, October 16, 2008

the excitement is building

two days.

two days until the nys sheep and wool fest at rhinebeck.

i'm all a quiver with excitement. i keep trying to instill this energy into my travel companions, they're not there yet. thankfully, amy the fiber goddess called and she too is filled with the anticipation of the event.

i love to savor the feeling. i'm checking the website, looking up vendors, tossing the stash around, flipping through patterns. i feel much more prepared this year. having done this once and also maryland, i think i've got it. now to just .... enjoy!

i've got the knitting packed. the back is done for mom's woobie sweater and i'm starting the front shapings. i knit them in tandem to the shaping part so i'm hoping this will move right along. excellent car knitting!

the vest....i'll be wearing it saturday!

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