Sunday, October 19, 2008


cc and i left home at 9 am on friday, headed for my sister's home aka laurel hill b&b. now, it is not really a business, but i'm always treated like a treasured guest. we nibbled on cheese and sipped red wine shortly after our arrival, dined on vegetarian minestrone soup and garlic bread and enjoyed sherry in the living room with our knitting that evening.
chocolates were on our pillow cases when we tucked ourselves into bed that night.

up early and arrived at the festival shortly after nine. it was a bright crisp day making me very glad i had my scarf and mitts.

we immediately made our way to 'the fold' and immersed ourselves in socks that rock. i rocked very hard, purchasing 6 hanks of hand dyed loveliness in a variety of colorways and weights. i can try them all out and see which one i love the most.

met up with amy and joan spending the rest of the day touching, smelling, yakking, eating buying our way through the fair grounds. visited several new vendors, old favorites and those that i wanted to but didn't purchase from last year. i acquired 2 lbs of various fibers to spin, several new gadgets to try and can't wait to do it again next year!

ps~ already made my reservations at laurel castle :)

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